Turner Returns

Turner follows Richards back to SPS

Kurtis Turner has become Ian Richards first new signing since taking over at Eco-Power Environmental Stadium, home last week, Kurtis was at Penistone Church FC with Ian and is a welcome addition to the squad.

Ian explained he has bought Kurtis back to the club to strengthen the midfield area, and that his quality and desire and work ethics on the pitch can only improve the squad, currently Kurtis is trying to get back to full fitness after a bout of illness.
With the side on a 4 match winning streak Ian is ensuring the side keep the momentum going, and competition for places is paramount if we are to create a successful side
This is Kurtis’s 3rd spell at the club, where he was vice-captain under previous manager Chris Hilton. He left just under a year ago to join Penistone, due to COVID, travel restrictions and having a young family.
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