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Steels 2-1 Worksop Town

Stocksbridge Park Steels won 2-1 with a dramatic last minute winner against rivals Worksop Town.

The Steels took the lead in the second half when Luke Mangham took advantage of a paralyzed defence to tap in at the far post. Worksop equalised through a Iyrwah Gooden header before Reece Fielding won the game with a strike in the 92nd minute.

Within ten seconds, Stocksbridge would have won the game. Luke Mangham went clear after Stocksbridge dispossessed Worksop from the kick off but his shot was saved by the former international Sebastian Malkowski at the near post. Just a few moments later, Nathaniel Crofts was also close but his shot with the keeper beaten was blocked by a defender.

After a great start from Stocksbridge, Worksop did grow into the game and started to have more of the game and the ball. The former Steel Steven McDonnell was very lively throughout the game and forced Ed Hall into an impressive save while Hall had to be alert to stop Liam Hardy from finding the back of the net as well.

The biggest chance for Worksop came from a massive scramble in the box. Not much could be seen what happened but the Tigers kept shooting only to be blocked by Ross Goodwin before it was cleared over the bar.

Fielding had been a rock at the back but he was also lively at the other end. A corner was poorly cleared by Stocksbridge and it went to Fielding. He took a touch before striking but Malkowski was equal to it. This meant the game was goalless at half time.

In the second half, Stocksbridge were lucky when Worksop started just as well as the Steels did in the first half. They got an early corner and Daniel Burns was as close as you’d get when his header smashed off the underside of the bar. Somehow, Stocksbridge were able to keep it out and keep the game scoreless. Just a minute later though Crofts forced another good save from Malkowski as if to prove how end to end this game was.

Stocksbridge would get the lead though when a controversial referee decision worked in the home side’s favour. Jack Tinker made a bursting run with the ball which the Worksop defence couldn’t deal with. The way they dealt with it was to do a clothesline on Tinker inside the box. No penalty was given, though the Worksop defence thought one might be coming as they all stopped. Stocksbridge continued to play though and Josh Nodder whipped the ball in for Luke Mangham to finish at the far post to give the Steels the lead.

Stocksbridge weren’t going to get the win easily though as Worksop were desperate to get an equaliser. They were chucking everything at Stocksbridge but a combination of Fielding, Cooksey and Hall were making sure they couldn’t breakthrough. Elliott Walker also had to be on hand to clear one off the line. Unfortunately if your attack gets hot enough, you can melt even the toughest of steel. A ball was whipped in from the left and debutant Gooden got enough space to head into the top corner. He had only signed that morning for Worksop and was already making himself a hero.

This opened the game up and both teams chased a winner. It was truly end to end and neither side wanted to leave without a point. However the dramatic winner would come for Stocksbridge. Nodder showed excellent control to volley a cross into a box after the initial corner was cleared. It landed at Fielding’s feet but instead of snatching at like you’d expect a centre-back to do, he took a touch to get himself some space before hitting a finish a striker would be proud of.

Worksop did push and try to ruin the party atmosphere that had enveloped the Eco Power Environmental Stadium but they couldn’t do it giving the Steels one of the most enjoyable wins of the season.

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