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Steels 1-3 Barnsley

Stocksbridge Park Steels failed to complete an unbeaten pre-season following a 3-1 loss to Barnsley.

The Steels had a bright start but the Barnsley XI were soon able to get control of the match. It was a mistake that almost gave them the lead though. Charlie Oglesby tried to pass it across the defence but it went straight to the Barnsley striker and he looked to round an onrushing Ben Townsend. However there was enough pressure from the goalkeeper and covering defenders to force the striker into an embarrassing miss over the bar. Townsend also had to be on hand to make another impressive stop from a close range shot a bit later on.

Barnsley did get their goal though. It was a simple one as well, a corner from the right wing was whipped in and their No. 6 rose higher than everyone else to head the ball into the back of the net.

Stocksbridge did improve and would get an equaliser from their own set piece just before the end of the first half. Poole knocked in the corner and Mitch Langton won the header. It was heading towards goal but it took a deflection off Ross Goodwin which put it onto the ball. It looped to Luke Hogg who knocked it in, scoring his first goal in a Steels shirt.

In the second half, Stocksbridge continued to look good. What excited the fans were some of the passing moves on display which caused problems for the Tykes defence. One particular move saw several one touch passes create an opening for Tomas Poole but the substitute goalkeeper make a good save just minutes after coming on. Not long after, a diving header from Goodwin went just over.

Minutes after Goodwin missed that chance, Barnsley were back in the lead. It was a simple over the top that one of their forwards was able to get onto. He went clear and then lofted the ball over Henry Hampshaw to give them the lead.

Barnsley would extend their lead before the end. It was another long ball but the Stocksbridge defence appeared to be confused by the offside Barnsley man who wasn’t interfering with play, but caused a problem as the Steels defence didn’t know who they should track. The Barnsley forward who wasn’t offside took advantage and duly finished past Hampshaw, securing the win for the Tykes.

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