New player pathway for U18’s Unveiled

As part of a push to promote talent and potential at the club

Players coming through the ranks and moving into Professional Football is always the ultimate aim for all of us here at SPS.

For numerous ex SPS lads currently playing in the EFL (English Football League) we are extremely proud to have been part of their development and to have supported them, to have provided a sound base to work from and to have helped re direct them forward to further upgrade their skills. Our Club gave a positive environment from which to play their football to enable them to reach a higher standard of performance, we ensured potential talent was identified early, and then through different scenarios, realised.

All players are equally important at our Club, the innumerable lads that have moved into Semi – Professional football and of course, those who ultimately choose different paths.

The system works, evidently, however, it is normal that we, as a club continuously review and re align wherever necessary. Put a workable strategy together that reflects the current crop of players coming through, attitudes and ability levels.

As a club we remain motivated by good practice and giving young talent the opportunities to progress.
Together with our resourceful first team management we have redefined our overall approach and set out improved connections within the senior section as a whole.
Over the course of the season we have regularly monitored our u18 boys and quickly realised the potential and talent the squad has.

It became apparent that because of numbers here we had to formulate a new enhanced structured pathway…The new pathway creates opportunity and competition so we are especially pleased to get it moving. We are excited to see the first set of boys going to Reserve team training next week.

Work hard, all the best and we wish good luck to all.

SPS (Senior Section Football Operations Team)

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