Motor Dough Gold Members

Our 2nd Gold Member!!

Stocksbridge Park Steels are pleased to announce the Barnsley based on line car dealers Motor Dough have signed up to become Gold Club Members of The Steels.

Managing Director Rob Kewley has said “It’s a pleasure to be able to work with the Steels FC and benefit from the exposure we get from advertising with them, as a relatively new dynamic business we are moving forward at a pace, and the team at Stocksbridge help us with communicating with a wide community, together we hope to both benefit from the partnership”

Thanks for your support, Motor Dough

A no hassle approach

Our business launched as an alternative to other car buying companies (you know who), to help consumers get the most when selling their cars.

We offer a personal, flexible and honest car selling experience and have designed our entire business model around making things faster, quicker and generally… less annoying!

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