Invite to serving & veterans of the armed forces

Stocksbridge Park Steels are inviting veterans and serving members of the military to come to their match against Frickley Athletic Football Club for free.

With it being Remembrance Sunday on the 14th November, the Steels are paying tribute to those who have fought for our freedoms by allowing them to watch this big rivalry match on Saturday 13th September for free.
Those who have not been involved in the military will still be able to pick up bargain tickets with adults being able to get in for £8 while concessions are £5, children 12 and under FREE

Stocksbridge Park Steels chairman Graham Furness said: “This will be a fantastic occasion for us to pay tribute to our local veterans and servicemen.

“They have fought for this country and inviting them to attend our match against Frickley is the least we could do to repay their service to this country.

“We hope as many of our local veterans and servicemen will attend as possible and enjoy what I think will be a great match.”

The match against Frickley will kick off at 3pm on Saturday 14th November at the Eco-Power Environmental Stadium, home of The Steels

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