Happy Birthday to Harold Evans

100 years old!

Harold is likely to be Steels oldest supporter, born in Stocksbridge in November 1922 the second son of Frank and Eliza his enthusiasm for football was soon evident. He joined the football team after starting at Stocksbridge school aged eleven they were quickly successful getting to two semi finals before winning the Stocksbridge and Penistone shields. After starting work at Samuel Fox Harold joined the Drake league until he was eighteen and then the Stocksbridge works Social Services team playing in the Sheffield league until 1946.

Thereafter he continued as a supporter going home and away ,prior to the pandemic Harold was present at both reserve and first team games.

Sadly loss of sight and mobility means that is no longer possible but when the Look Local newspaper drops through his door the only thing he is interested in is the Steels result.

Harold has blue and yellow running through his veins, all at the Steels wish him all the best for the next hundred years.

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