Welcome to our regular fixture where a member of the Stocksbridge Park Steels squad picks five random questions to answer. This time, it is captain Liam McFadyen!

Who’s the most annoying member of the Stocksbridge Park Steels squad?

Bloody hell. Well it’s Josh Nodder isn’t it.

If you were forced to make one Stocksbridge Park Steels player the Prime Minister, who would it be?

Definitely not Josh Nodder. (It is suggested by one of the other players that it should be McFayden.) Well I can’t pick myself can I? I think I’ll go with Ross Goodwin, I think he’d run the country well. He’s sensible. He’d do his best like he does every week.

What was your first job and what do you remember most about it?

When I was at school I’d set up a market stall selling handbags. (No further questions are asked)

Would you rather be covered in fur or covered in scales?

Well this is do you want to be a fish or a bear. (This provokes a discussion in the background about fur making you too hard and scales flaking off) I’m going to with fur.

If you could be a professional in any sport other than football, what would it be?

Golf. Travel the world and play golf.

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