Five Random Questions: Jack Tinker

Welcome to the latest iteration of Five Random Questions! In this feature, we ask one of Stocksbridge’s players to pick five random questions from our mystery tin (and definitely not an old money bank found in the depths of the media manager’s flat.) This week it is Jack Tinker.

Who would win in a battle between a ninja and a pirate?

It’s a weird question! Ninja, hundred percent. Ninjas just jump about and do you in, pirate can’t really do that can he?

What is something I wouldn’t believe about you?

Difficult one. I am studying a masters degree in football coaching. (Do you give Ian Richards some pointers then?) No, I’m not that good yet!

What would make you valuable in an end of world scenario?

Definitely wouldn’t be being a football coach! (There is some suggestion about leather trousers in the background but thankfully for the sake of the children reading this not all details on this are caught by the recording) I’d have a lot of men around me because of my bird.

If you had to live in a fictional universe, what would it be?

Star Wars, is that fictional? (After much laughter, it is confirmed to Jack that Star Wars is indeed fictional)

Which Stocksbridge player would you karaoke with at karaoke?

Kurt Turner, 100 percent, beautiful voice. (The interviewer suggests that considering Tinker’s ability to rap that they do a 2010s era pop song with Tinker rapping the verse and Turner doing the chorus) Yeah I’d rap and sing.

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