500 Club Relaunch

Help the club through COVID

To create funding to flourish after the Covid-19 outbreak, we are relaunching our 500 Club’, which gives members a chance to win at least £250 each month.

We hope that supporters of the club, and their friends and acquaintances, will join in and become a member of the ‘500 Club’ and create much needed funds for the club.

Below, is an outline of the scheme and how you can join?

This really is an important venture for the club at this moment in time, as we try to combat the reality of losing all of our football and commercial income
Scheme Outline

The scheme is based around as many members as possible paying £5 per month, with a proposed monthly pay out of at least £250. Or at least 50% of the contributions
How to Play

  1. Set up a standing order to pay Stocksbridge Park Steels FC £5 per month on or before the last day of the month, starting Jan 2021. The sort code is 40-09-12 and the account number is 92603934.
  2. Put “500 club + [your name]” as the reference, so the club knows who the payment is from (e.g. “500 club Bob Downabit”)
  3. When you have done this, email with your name and confirmation that you have set up the standing order. You will then be sent your draw numbers by return. You will receive 5 numbers per £5 entry.
  4. Look out for the dates of draws on the club website and social media. The Draw will take place live on the last day of the month.
  5. Details of the scheme and monthly draw results will also be accessible from the homepage of our club website and social media platforms
  6. Until the membership of the 500 Club reaches its maximum number, the prize fund will be applied at 50% of the total income received in that month.Starting in January we will have 7 prizes 3 x £50 and 4 x £25, for every 10 new members we will add another £25 prize and so on
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